3 Unique Ideas to Help Lower Stress

Stress will happen. It’s a very natural response when you’re juggling work, family, social life, and everything else you have on your plate. The key is to make sure it isn’t getting the best of you. Make sure you’re taking the time to work actively on managing stress when it’s really building up.

3 fun mental health activities

This post on HRMorning.com suggests some innovative activities for lowering stress:

Whether you stop every day for a 10- to 15-minute yoga or stretching break, or do an activity once a week, it’s all about taking time out of our busy days to enjoy life.

‍Here are a few activities you might not have thought of:

‍Terrarium workshop

In a 2007 study, plant soil was found to contain Mycobacterium vaccae. Why is this important to know? Because Mycobacterium vaccae triggers the release of serotonin, which lifts mood and reduces anxiety, according to Affinity Health.  So attending a terrarium workshop – either virtually or in person – is a great way to alleviate symptoms of depression because you’re working with plants. Not to mention the fact that plants boost air quality.

It’s a hands-on activity that gets people’s minds off their jobs. And people have something to take away after they’re done that they made with their own two hands. Plus, it brightens up their desk in the office or at home.

Aroma therapy workshop

Essential oils can help improve moods and make a space smell good. Why not get your team together for a little smelly fun. Your office or their home will smell great afterward!

During an aromatherapy and essential oils workshop, each person creates their own therapeutic scent and learns about the therapeutic properties of all the different oils. For example, lavender reduces anxiety and helps you sleep better. Lemon boosts energy levels and aids in digestion. Peppermint also aids in digestion, as well as relieves nausea and headaches. And eucalyptus is a natural insect repellent, and is beneficial for colds and flu.

So, you don’t have to be into “new age” therapies to enjoy this. Someone who likes to fish could make an all-natural insect repellant and someone else could make a sleep-better remedy. There is really something for everyone with essential oils.

Bird watching party

You can do this virtually or in person. You can even do it in the city – although it might be a little harder. But all you must do is gather binoculars, a bird book for identification and head outside to the parking lot or if you have a park nearby go there. Then you just walk around and look at all the birds and nature, and leave the stress of the office behind. Getting people to concentrate on other things that aren’t stressful improves their mood. And being out in nature with all the plants and fresh air doesn’t hurt either.