On-Site Instructor-led Group Training Solutions

Customize your learning experience to fit your organization’s needs

Learn from experienced, industry-leading women professionals who understand what it takes to become successful leaders and innovators in the modern workplace.

Women in the workplace face a variety of unique challenges, and they require practical strategies to navigate them. Women’s Leadership Today is here to help!  Partner with us to craft an on-site learning experience that will equip your team with the tools needed to face those challenges and advance career levels.

You and your team will gain top-notch guidance for handling common obstacles effectively, strengthening your emotional intelligence, and mastering the necessary leadership skills that are vital to standing out from the crowd.

  1. Engaging, research-backed in-person training programs that are crafted with a lasting impact in mind.
    • Participation and interactivity take place in the familiarity of your office space (or any desired location) which ensures record attendance
  2. Participants will not only experience in-depth interactivity in a face-to-face setting, but they’ll be able to engage with speakers and absorb information in meaningful ways.
    • We’ve perfected the traditional elements of in-person training by enhancing delivery methods and participant opportunities
    • Instructors remain open to questions and comments by hosting dedicated collaborative times during and between training sessions
  3. On-site training provides speakers and participants with unique interaction capabilities, including detailed explanations and real-world scenarios that drive comprehension.
    • Detailed attendance and participation information remains the key focus when fostering successful in-person learning opportunities
  4. Training times are extremely variable, depending on the needs of the team. They can include one or more 60-minute sessions, a full day of learning, or multiple days completely dedicated to developing new skills.
    • This ensures that participants remain engaged and focused
    • Slides, notes, and presentation documents can be provided to sharpen retention
  5. The content is yours forever!
    • The event recording and materials are yours to rewatch and share as you choose.

Our women’s leadership development method is applied to the design of every custom solution — transforming lives and creating measurable, sustainable impact for your organization.


Focused on women’s advancement, this unique program provides participants with the knowledge, skills, tools, and real-time problem-solving strategies needed to secure their own advancement, as well as that of other women in leadership roles.

As a woman leader, you face a variety of unique challenges that require practical strategies to navigate. Our on-site instructor-led training solutions can help your team learn different approaches to specific challenges facing your organization. Our experts are experienced, industry-leading professionals who understand what it takes to become successful female leaders and innovators in the modern workplace.

Common topics include 

  • Effectively handling common obstacles
  • Strengthening your emotional intelligence
  • Developing the skills necessary to stand out as a leader among both men and women
  • Enhancing communication methods as they pertain to the business landscape
  • Managing and mitigating conflicts by negotiating with all involved parties
  • Understanding and evolving your leadership style
  • Expanding your presentation skills to communicate your knowledge and experience

In-person group training delivers a fully interactive learning experience that encourages collaboration, interaction, and exploration. In these training sessions, participants don’t simply sit and listen to the speaker present information. Instead, participants are encouraged to comment, ask questions, and contribute to the discussion as it takes place.

Why trust us? Women’s Leadership Today has trained over 100,000 women leaders like you, from organizations of all sizes and in every industry. We are passionate about providing the best tools to help you reach your fullest potential. We are committed to your success and helping however we can from the minute you get started.


We will work with you to determine your desired employee performance and help combine it with the right delivery. We always use the most effective training method for the situation, be it individual workshops, full-day summits, or action-based learning activities to excite, engage and educate your learners.

Our team works diligently with each client to address challenges and create live training events that exceed all of their needs and expectations. Rather than simply providing the framework for organizing an event, we’re active throughout every stage of the development and delivery process. 

This includes sourcing the right speakers, securing and setting up the location, building slide decks for the event, creating engaging activities, and providing reporting material after the event is complete. 

Partnering with Women’s Leadership Today enables you to take advantage of the following perks and features:

  • Trusted Instruction
    • Our seasoned instructors and industry experts have their finger on the pulse of the latest trends, so you can be certain your team is receiving accurate, actionable information
  • Build the program you want
    • Customize your learning experience to fit your organization’s needs
  • Learn on your schedule
    • Develop 60-minute to multi-day presentations
  • Get everyone on the same page
    • Ensure your team learns the same skills 
    • Promote workplace collaboration
  • Ensure a great turnout
    • Hosting live, in-person events encourages all employees to attend, and technical difficulties won’t interfere with participation

On-Site Training Formats:
In-person training events can be held in a number of ways, so depending on your organization’s style, our event development team can adjust to meet your expectations.

  • One-to-One: One learner to one instructor
  • Small-Group: A small group of learners with one instructor in a classroom setting
  • Summit: A large group of learners with one instructor
  • Workshop: Hands-on training
  • Continued Education: Additional follow-up sessions or consulting hours

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