Achieving “Ridiculous Efficiency” with AI with Marissa Brassfield

Nikolette speaks with AI guru, Marissa Brassfield about how AI can help lift the mental load of trying to do it all, plus how we can free up time in our professional and personal schedules. Listeners will discover how to implement AI into daily workflows to reclaim their time and explore their passions, as well as how to eliminate guilt over reclaiming time for yourself. Marissa shares her favorite tools and tips for becoming “Ridiculously Efficient.”

Marissa Brassfield is a highly sought after AI advisor, efficiency coach, and work-life balance specialist who has trained “hundreds of leaders and visionary entrepreneurs in over 13 countries. Marissa is Ridiculously Efficient, founding a company by the same name and sentiment. She is renowned for her ability to help professionals through significant life changes, embrace their strengths, and build bigger, better, and more efficient work-life integration for themselves and everyone around them. Check out her workshop, “Reclaim Your Time with AI: Tools to Work Smarter, Not Harder.”