Balancing Self-Care and Career for Peak Performance

Michelle interviews Kimberly Tableman about what it means to achieve peak performance. Kimberly and Michelle highlight the challenges women face in male-dominated industries and the significant impact of women supporting each other. Kimberly draws parallels between athletes and professionals, emphasizing the need for ruthless prioritization, holistic self-care, and creating a strong support system.

Kimberly is the Founder and CEO of ESPERO Health and is passionate about using technology to transform drug development. In addition to her extensive 25-year history in technology, 15 in Pharma across Clinical Development; she is also an author (Matriarch) and leader helping women. After earning her Management Information System (MIS) degree from Central Michigan University and her Master of Science (MS) degree in Information and Knowledge Strategy from Columbia University, she launched a career focused primarily on technology and pharmaceuticals where she successfully led the development and launch of several key technology products. While at Pfizer and GSK, Kimberly was the architect and leader of initiatives aimed at transforming the life sciences industry. Kimberly is passionately committed to serving patients first and amplifying their voices to facilitate a positive care journey and accessibility to precision-medicine treatments.