Book Review: “The Leadership Innovation Manifesto” by Dr. Kim Hires

Innovation is the introduction of something new or taking something that exists and making it different. It is a key component of success for organizations everywhere. Why, then, do only 8% of CEOs make innovation a priority? In her book, “The Leadership Innovation Manifesto,” Dr. Kim Hires sets out to determine why so many leaders shy away from change, why it’s absolutely necessary for all organizations, and how to empower today’s leaders to be bold, take initiative, and embrace innovation.

Why is innovation so crucial? Innovation helps organizations to break free of the constraints of supply and demand. All products and services are limited in what they can offer, but innovation creates new value in an ever-changing market. Innovation sets organizations apart when they adapt or evolve with the needs of their consumers. While many leaders prioritize growth, they fail to see that growth is limited without creativity and a willingness to change.

Dr. Hires examines the common pitfalls of innovation in today’s leadership, and how to overcome them. The book is set up as a learning opportunity – with thorough yet easily digestible lessons, complete with thoughtful prompts for readers to consider and apply to their unique situations. She provides actionable strategies for helping leaders develop themselves as well as their teams. And, the information isn’t only for CEOs and upper management – it’s for leaders at all levels, including emerging leaders. As she says, “if you’re not at the helm of leadership when everything erupts, you will be on the receiving end as the consumer.”

Each lesson dives into why innovation is so important – not only within the organization but also within ourselves. We can not afford to be stuck in today’s environment and Dr. Hires helps the reader to unlock their potential to evolve and adapt. “The Leadership Innovation Manifesto,” is a great, quick read for anyone who is looking to make a difference and become a stronger leader.