Communication & Leadership: Get Relational, Get Results

Sugar-coating the hard stuff won’t help, and the tough love approach can come across harsh.
Management comes with many levels of communication. So – what’s the balance? 

Too soft? Nothing gets accomplished. 
Too tough? Expect to see disgruntled employees and letters of resignation. 

The secret? Communication that’s relational. You need to interface with your employees in a way that builds stronger, more cohesive relationships while still getting results. 

 This 60-minute workshop focuses on communication strategies that increase cohesion, minimize tension and maximize progress. 

With actionable takeaways, such as: 

  • Proven strategies that encourage progress without discouraging morale 
  • Effective language that commands attention, without demanding it 
  • How to avoid common communication pitfalls to keep the air clear 

Program Highlights: 

Clear, upper-level strategies for communicating with your employees  

  • How do I make my employees feel validated even when disagreeing or saying no? 
  • Utilizing communication tactics that balances authority with respect 

Connect with your team like a leader, not like the boss 

  • Listening: everyone deserves to be heard 
  • When to focus on the objective and when to focus on the individual 

Eliminate common mistakes that managers make when communicating with employees 

  • Make delegation or collaboration a simple, painless process 
  • When to get more information and when to put your foot down 

Meet Myra Golden: a favorite training partner to Fortune 500 companies, such as Coca-Cola and Vera Bradley. Her customized, engaging, behavior-changing (and fun) workshops provide actionable strategies for better leadership and development. Myra specializes in communication, collaboration, people-focused management and customer service. 

  • Myra has a master’s degree in human relations and a bachelor’s degree in psychology 
  • Myra was named a Top 100 Rising Star by Travel Agent Magazine for her landmark work in leading her team to restore customer confidence and satisfaction 


Be the leader your team wants to come to, not the boss your employees avoid. After this event, you will know when to step up and when to step back with proven communication strategies.