Executive presence: The 3-factor formula that can get you there

You’ve either got executive presence or you don’t, right? Not exactly …

Turns out there are ways you can cultivate that increasingly-important quality in the workplace. And it matters more than ever before:

  • 89% of senior executives feel executive presence helps you get ahead, while
  • 78% of them believe a lack of it will hold you back.

That comes from a recent survey by communications experts Sally Williamson & Associates (SW&A).

The good news is, presence isn’t necessarily something you’re born with. And based on interviews SW&A did with almost 400 CEOs, c-level execs and professional development managers, three factors stood out in developing executive presence.

How many do you have? Take a look to see where you might bolster your own executive presence to boost your career.

Factor 1: Observing

It’s tough to have executive presence if you’ve never witnessed it in action! Nearly three-quarters (70%) of execs say having observed presence first-hand in someone else was key to developing it in themselves.

Think about who you know in your career, either currently in the past that possessed that executive presence. What set that person apart?

Factor 2: Getting coached

Of course, it helps if you have someone who can guide you along the way. Two-thirds (65%) of execs say coaching can help a leader develop her presence.

Need some convincing it’s a worthwhile step? Forbes makes a compelling case for tapping an executive coach where it highlights six benefits you’ll gain.

Factor 3:   Training

Finally, you’ll want to make the time to attend those leadership training programs, whether in-house or elsewhere. More than half (55%) of execs say that participating in one helps cultivate presence.

They might not spell out step by step how to have executive presence, but they can further develop your leadership skills which will show in greater confidence and competence. And that can boost your executive presence.