Initiative and Determination: Nicole Lynn + Jalen Hurt’s All-Woman Team

Regardless of whether the working professionals reading this article enjoy football or sports in general, highlighting one quarterback’s choice of representation is a must. This story not only illustrates the opportunities that are possible when women make their presence known, but also showcases how a good ally behaves.

Jalen Hurts is the current quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, and recently, news of the all-woman team that manages his career has been making waves (in a good way) throughout sports communities.

Nicole Lynn, Hurts’s agent, landed Hurts an NFL record-breaking five-year, $255 million contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. How did they get here?

Nicole Lynn became aware that Hurts was searching for a new agent and simply took the initiative to offer her services online. She reached out to Hurts on Instagram after his final collegiate game. Hurts liked Lynn’s determination. After the pair met for a discussion, her qualifications, work experience, and management style stood out. She was the best person for the job. Taking that first step allowed her accomplishments to shine.

Highlighting Industry Firsts

There are five women managing Hurts on and off the field, three of whom are women of color. Although securing this position was a significant step in Lynn’s career, it wasn’t her only impressive accomplishment. In 2019, she represented Quinnen Williams and became the first black woman to represent one of the NFL’s draft picks. Now, Lynn is the first black woman to serve as an agent for a quarterback in the Super Bowl.

Meet the Team That Landed a Record-Breaking Contract

Nicole Lynn – Hurts’s Agent

Nicole Lynn attended law school at OU and, before representing Hurts, had already represented nearly a dozen Crimson Tide graduates.

Chantal Romain – Media Relations & Client Services

Chantal Romain has experience in communications strategies for various sports associations, including the NBA, WNBA, NBA G League, and the NFL.

Shakeemah Simmons-Winter – Media Relations & Client Services

Shakeemah Simmons-Winter is a senior publicist and specializes in both the FIBA and NFL. She previously served as the PR coordinator for the New York Knicks.

Rachel Everett – Marketing Relations

Rachel Everett owns Everett Sports Marketing and is in charge of all the marketing components of Jalen Hurts’s career.

Jenna Malphrus – Management

Jenna Malphrus handles a wide array of Hurts’s management tasks and works alongside Simmons-Winter and Rachel Everett in terms of marketing projects.

Each member of this team has worked incredibly hard and has overcome plenty of hurdles to get to where they are now. Let these incredible women inspire you. Know your worth, step into situations with the confidence, and sharpen your skills so that it becomes impossible to turn you down.