Insightful Interviewing: 10 Unique Questions to Help You Hire the Right People

Hiring the right people for a position can be tough, especially in a competitive industry. Interviews do not give hiring managers a lot of time to get to know the interviewee, but when the interviewer chooses the right questions and conducts the interview productively, that short meeting can be incredibly informative.

Unique and Effective Interview Questions

Developing a successful hiring plan requires asking the right questions. While many interviewers try to ask unique questions, it is important to maintain a balance between serious, structured questions and fun questions. Regardless of the tone, you should always have a goal in mind when asking a question. Here are some unique yet effective interview questions you can ask to get to know a candidate better:

  1. Tell me about a time when a job or company was not a great fit.
    • This question prompts the interviewee to share details about their strengths and weaknesses in the workplace. It may reveal an incompatible company culture, scheduling issues, or difficult-to-manage tasks, which will help you choose the right role for the candidate.
  2. How would your previous boss describe you?
    • Their answer will help you develop a professional profile for the candidate.
  3. How do you choose which companies and roles to apply to?
    • This question asks candidates to list their strengths and preferences and will tell you more about why they applied for the position you are offering as well as the potential tasks they stand to excel at.
  4. Do you believe it is more important to work fast or get the job done right?
    • This question will help you and the interviewee align your priorities.
  5. What personal or professional accomplishments are you most proud of?
    • Asking this question in an inviting manner might help the candidate open up about their professional and transferable skills.
  6. What fictional character do you identify the most with? Why?
    • This is a fun way to spruce up the age-old, “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”
  7. What inspires you to work in this industry?
    • Asking this question will help you determine what makes your industry desirable for new employees, and will reveal the candidate’s skills, professional goals, and knowledge of the industry.
  8. Tell me about a time when you were part of a team that was fun to work with. How did you balance productivity and fun with your co-workers?
    • This is a good question for gauging time management and multitasking skills, and it gives the candidate the chance to talk about something fun in a professional setting.
  9. If you had an unlimited budget, what innovation would you want to create in our industry?
    • Asking this question might help you learn about the candidate’s interest in your business’s industry and may even help you bring their ideas to life later on.
  10. How could AI potentially change our industry?
    • This question is effective for tech-related positions but can also be asked in non-tech interviews. It pulls on a candidate’s creative strings and encourages them to be open about the possibilities ahead.

Each hiring interview is unique, and finding the best candidate takes patience and finesse. To learn how to identify and hire the right person for each role you need to fill, join us for: “Finding the Right Fit: A Guide to Successful Hiring,” to further strengthen your interviewing skills and hiring plans.