No Backlash: Lead Aggressively and Get Results

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No Backlash: Lead Aggressively and Get Results

In this Leadership Handbook, we’ll show you how to anticipate challenging situations and formulate the right message that will earn respect and action without the backlash that can plague women leaders. Once you read No Backlash: Lead Aggressively and Get Results, you’ll learn how to:

No Backlash

  • Anticipate situations where you might need to deflect arguments
  • Push others to get things done – without seeming pushy
  • Use inclusive language wisely to give directives when you’re in charge
  • Pay closer attention to what your nonverbal language is saying
  • Approach common communication situations that call for aggressive leadership skills
  • Understand others’ questions to avoid taking criticism personally

Bonus: Exercises to develop action-based solutions to real-world challenges!

This Leadership Handbook comes with:

  • 18-pages full of practical, real-world tips, strategies and solutions
  • Immediate access via PDF download
  • 7-day money back guarantee
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Remember the last time you wished you could have handled a situation differently? In the workplace, moments like this can result in severe consequences.

In this leadership handbook, you’ll walk away with a fool-proof plan for tackling those difficult situations that leave you wondering if you’ve crossed the line.

  • Communication Challenges – It’s not what you say but how you say it. Strengthen your skills by following practical steps to handling difficult situations with effective communication.
  • Reach Your Potential – Gain the respect of your colleagues & defend your leadership style against the judgement of others by driving impactful results.
  • Get Your Voice Heard – Understand when to change your behavior in order to get the results you deserve.
  • Practical Solutions to Real World Situations – Use our proven case scenarios to troubleshoot the uncomfortable situations you face in the office every day.
  • Avoid the backlash that sometimes plagues aggressive women leaders
With this Leadership Handbook, you will become a more fearless and impactful leader – without being labeled negatively for your approach. Earn the respect of your team & colleagues by mastering the art of giving orders, deflecting personal aggression & controlling your nonverbal cues.

Money-back Guarantee

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No Backlash: Lead Aggressively and Get Results

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  • 18-pages of practical solutions
  • Immediate access to the PDF
  • 7-day Money-back Guarantee
  • Price: $49 – Exclusive Introductory Pricing!
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