Maya R., Outreach Specialist

Community Spotlight Nominee:

Maya, Outreach Specialist, Urban Gardening Solutions and Sustainable Living Products

Nominated By:

Daniel, Head of Community Engagement. I’ve collaborated with Maya on several product launches and community projects since she joined our team last year.

Role in the Organization:

Maya is at the forefront of our community outreach efforts, connecting with local residents, businesses, and schools to introduce our sustainable living products and urban gardening solutions. She conducts demonstrations, creates educational content, and partners with influencers to promote our brand’s green living ethos.

Changemaker Impact:

She pioneered the “Green Corner Initiative,” encouraging local businesses to incorporate small garden spaces within their establishments. Her ability to form partnerships and create compelling narratives around our products ensures they resonate with a broad audience.

Owing to Maya’s “Green Corner Initiative,” over 20 local businesses have integrated our urban gardening solutions into their spaces, making them more eco-friendly and appealing to their customers. These partnerships have not only resulted in increased sales for our company but have also positioned us as leaders in the urban sustainability movement for our city.

Supporting Others:

Recognizing the importance of a cohesive team, Maya has launched bi-weekly “Green Gatherings,” where team members come together to discuss new sustainable ideas, share personal experiences, and brainstorm future eco-friendly initiatives.

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