Mindfully Achieving your New Year Resolutions

Every January, we hear a lot of “new year, new me” phrases that people use to project the hope and motivation they feel. Everyone wants to start a new year off on the right terms, and because of this, January is the month of Resolution.

Like many, you might have professional goals you’re thinking about pursuing in 2023. Some people succeed while others fail, but that’s not necessarily the point of a resolution. The purpose of a resolution is to empower people to try to be better than they were the weeks and months before.

If you have a professional goal you have your heart set on, read on to discover a few tips that will help you stay determined and focused on what you want to achieve.

Having the right mindset

When pursuing professional goals your mindset matters. Most of the time the goal you have in mind is going to come with its own set of challenges to overcome on your way to success. To avoid becoming discouraged or bogging yourself down with the amount of work you’ll need to do, it’s important to start your journey by embracing the right mindset.

Developing the right mindset involves the following elements:

  • Imagining Your Success: Instead of thinking about how hard it’s going to be to reach the professional goal you’ve set for yourself, think about how rewarding it’ll be once you succeed. Whether you’re changing jobs, developing a new skill, or taking on additional responsibilities, when you’ve truly accomplished what you set out to do, you’re going to feel amazing.
  • Taking One Step at a Time: Don’t look at the process you’re facing as one big assignment. Instead, break the entire process down into smaller steps. Keep a checklist and monitor your progress as you go. By achieving one piece of your overall goal at a time, you’ll be dealing with a more manageable task. Plus, you won’t lose track of what’s important when you celebrate small victories.
  • Manage Your Difficulty Level: Set goals that aren’t too hard but won’t be so easy that they don’t feel like an accomplishment. Knowing your capabilities will help you set yourself up for a rewarding experience.
  • Be Flexible: When you’ve only got one route planned to pursue your goals, missing one of the steps can derail your progress. This is why it’s important to maintain a flexible path. Feel free to change things up if you need to.
  • Remember your WHY: Achieving a professional goal feels amazing, and part of maintaining your momentum in this endeavor can be accomplished by remembering why you’re working toward the goal in the first place. Think about why you want to reach this goal, but also consider the positive impact that your work is having on your life.

You’re becoming a better, stronger person by working towards your goals and whether you make it to the end or not, putting the effort into it is already a success that you’ve got under your belt. Keeping that same momentum will give you everything you need to persevere.