Negotiating Skills: How to Ask for – and Get – What You Want

Women’s Leadership Today Presents

Negotiating Skills: How to Ask For – and Get – What You Want

Program Begins Wednesday, March 9th

That is what we hear from thousands of women professionals.

When asked to choose a metaphor to describe the negotiation process, women picked “going to the dentist.” For comparison, men chose “winning a ballgame.”

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We tell ourselves we’ll do better next time.

We beat ourselves up thinking about how it went down.

… I’m naturally too accommodating

… I always feel like the other person “holds all the cards”

… I let my emotions influence the outcome

Listen, you’re not alone. Real-world differences between men and women have consequences and negatively impact results.

The results of this recent research – reveals these attitudes*

  • 1.Women are more pessimistic about the how much is available when they do negotiate and so they typically ask for and get less when they do negotiate—on average, 30 percent less than men.
  • 2.20 percent of women say they never negotiate at all, even when it may be appropriate
  • 3.Men initiate negotiations about four times as often as women
  • 4.Women own about 40 percent of all businesses in the US but receive only 2.3 percent of the equity capital needed for growth. Male-owned companies receive the other 97.7 percent
  • 5.Another study calculated that women who consistently negotiate their salary increases earn at least $1 million more during their careers than women who don’t

*from Linda C. Babcock – author of Women Don’t Ask: Negotiation and the Gender Divide

We all know what they say about the definition of insanity …

“Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”

Without shifting our approaches towards negotiations – we can expect the same frustrating outcomes:

  • One of your most important projects has been lowered in priority by your manager. This change will impact the likelihood of success. You take this change as a personal attack – as opposed to an opportunity for negotiation. Your inappropriate reaction puts the project in even more trouble.
  • You’re up for your yearly review and know that your performance was strong . When a low increase is presented, you back down from your position in order to not come off as demanding and pushy.
  • A vendor underdelivers. When you ask for money back, the vendor turns the tables and blames you. This triggers defensiveness, causing your emotions to impact the outcome. Now you have to explain to management why you didn’t get the money back.
  • Most of your peers are men. You find that when you negotiate with them – you receive negative feedback that you are too aggressive. In response, you hold back because you do not want to be seen as an uncompromising, angry woman.
  • A colleague from another department – is pushing back. He says there’s not enough time to finish a critical task. Instead of negotiating for completion, you take the task on yourself – to avoid the potential conflict.

The good news is negotiating is a leadership strategy – which means it can be learned, practiced and honed.

End the cycle of regret – knowing that there was more that could’ve been done. Join the thousands of women who have decided to make a change:

Women’s Leadership Today Presents

Negotiating Skills: How to Ask For – and Get – What You Want

Part 1

What to do before you start any negotiation

  • What are the 4 sources of power – and how do they impact every interaction you have
  • How to set guidelines for what you are and are NOT willing to accept
  • Get better outcomes by using tools that determine your negotiation style and skills
  • Discover the 6 characteristics of an effective negotiator (and how to spot them in others)
  • Keys to determining the motivations of all involved to set you up for success
Part 2

How to create a plan that gives you a clear advantage

  • 34 item checklist to ensure you get what you want
  • Step-by-step instructions for a plan that will keep you calm when things get heated
  • Prepare for the unexpected: critical preparation skills that set you up for negotiation victory
  • 3 questions to constantly ask yourself to ensure you’re focused in the right place
  • Master the process: How to use the “5 Whys” to get to the core issues of any negotiation
Part 3

How to achieve the results you deserve

  • The truth about the most common negotiating strategies – and when to use them
  • Examples of threatening words that crush negotiations – and what to replace them with
  • How to balance good-faith transparency without showing your cards too early
  • Drawing out critical information: When to ask open-ended vs. closed-ended questions
  • The psychology behind certain approaches – and how they could destroy your momentum
Part 4

What to do when things don’t go as planned

  • How to stay objective when things get emotional
  • NO is a good thing (It’s what you do next that matters)
  • Proven tools and techniques for when negotiations “become stuck”
  • 4 ways to respond (not react) to difficult people
  • 3 “magic phrases” you can use – when things start to go negative

This program is NOT for everyone.

We’re looking for women who want to invest in their future – and change their approach towards negotiation.

This $349, online training program is for those who’re tired of not getting what they deserve – and want to take action with:

Live presentation with Q&A from Tara Powers – a highly sought after negotiation instructor who has helped women across the country to increase their effectiveness.

Practical videos, articles and activities with personalized feedback – to reinforce the training

Interactive peer-to-peer discussions – where you’ll learn how other women leaders have overcome their struggles with negotiation

What Passionate Women’s Leadership Today Fans Say…

“The program has had a remarkable impact on my management and communication styles. The unique focus on the woman’s perspective increases the relevance of the courses to a level I have not previously encountered.”

– Katherine G., CubeSmart

“I would recommend it for anybody who is looking for continuous improvement.”

– Lou Anne B., KSI Kitchen & Bath

“I would recommend it for anybody who is looking for continuous improvement.”

– Lou Anne B., KSI Kitchen & Bath

“The schedule is flexible. I was able to complete all of the requirements in a time frame that was manageable.”

– Janice C., Univ. of Illinois College of Media

Imagine a future where you have the tools and techniques to go into any negotiation and drive the results you deserve.

Negotiating Skills: How to Ask for – And Get – What You Want

Program begins Wednesday, March 9th
Live Presentation with Q&A Wednesday, March 16th, 1PM-2PM EST

Money-Back Guarantee: If you don’t feel you’re better prepared to get what you want – we’ll refund the full $349 for this program.

Common Questions Past Students Have Asked

1) Who is Women’s Leadership Today? Over the last 10 years, Women’s Leadership Today has trained more than 75,000 women on the critical skills needed to lead their organizations to the next level. The Negotiation program was designed by women with a combined 43 years of business experience.

2) How much time should I allocate for this program? – Like most training programs, we get what we put into them. The students who’ve gained the most out of this program have told us they invested 7 hours over a 10 day period of time.

3) What if I have questions during the training? You will have two points of contact. The first is Tara Powers – your expect instructor. Tara will provide you with direct feedback on the topic of negotiation – throughout the training. In addition, Beth Novick will be your facilitator throughout the process. Beth will help you get thru any technical issues and answer any non-content related questions.

4) After completion, can I place the course on my LinkedIn profile? Yes. We’re finding that it’s becoming more common for professionals to include courses relevant to their careers on their LinkedIn profiles. This Negotiation course is part of the Women in Leadership Certificate – and this course qualifies for one earned credit.

5) What if I miss the live event? No problem. The event will be recording and available for you as a link to stream at your convenience.

6) Can others from my company join me in the training? Each registration is for one “seat” – where you’ll receive a personal log-in and individualized coaching. If interested in having others join you – they will need to purchase their own seat. If interested in group pricing, please call us at 800.964.6033.