New Ways To Prevent Sexual Harassment


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Women Leaders Share What’s Working: New Ways to Prevent Sexual Harassment

This Essential Guide will help create a plan from when an employee reports to creating a harassment-free workplace

The 2 Types

of sexual harassment you need to be aware of

Steps and strategies

to create a harassment-free culture

A leader’s response

be empathetic, but effective

How to handle

a complaint carefully, confidently and quickly

What to do

when the offender’s the Big Boss

How to investigate:

Tough questions you need to ask the complainant, and the accused

Bonus: Exercises & real-world scenarios to create a plan and protect your employees.

This Leadership Guide comes with:

24-pages full of practical plans, strategies and solutions

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Here are some of the great tools you’ll discover in this Leadership Guide:

How to catch issues early

Know what to look for, the questions to ask and the best way to get involved

Making training stick

Empower employees to utilize training and know their rights

How other companies handle sexual harassment

Discover the strategies and tactics others are using to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace

Practical practices for real world problems

Use our proven case scenarios to develop a plan that protects

Almost 70% of working women do not report sexual harassment for fear of retaliation. That’s why women leaders need to create a safe space for them to report.

By empowering you to end sexual harassment in your own workplace, this leadership guide is full of strategies to handle complaints quickly, carefully and confidently.

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Get the Women’s Leadership Today Guide:

Women Leaders Share What’s Working: New Ways to Prevent Sexual Harassment

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  • 24-pages of practical solutions
  • Immediate access to the PDF
  • 7-day Money-back Guarantee
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