Podcast Ep. 1: Adele Abrams – Keys to Successful Mentorship

Adele Abrams is a trailblazer…a role model…a leader. She has worked in a variety of male-dominated industries, navigating thru many different challenges. In this podcast, Adele shares some fascinating stories from her work experiences and provides guidance based on those experiences.

Adele’s began her career with a journalism degree. While working in the newspaper industry, she broke into the world of radio at the historic Washington DC radio station – WHFS. At night, Adele continued with her education – getting a law degree. She started working for one of the big national firms and spent years working in the mining industry.

Adele has continued to evolve and is now an attorney, safety professional and trained mediator who is president of the Law Office of Adele L. Abrams P.C. in Beltsville, MD, Charleston, WV, and Denver, CO, a 10-attorney firm focusing on safety, health and employment law nationwide. Adele is a certified mine safety professional and she also provides consultation, safety audits and training services to MSHA and OSHA regulated companies.

Some of the highlights from this podcast are:

  1. How mentorship not only help up-and-coming women – but the benefits to the mentor
  2. How to respond – when you are not being treated as an equal
  3. How to respond to indirect sexual inequality in the workplace