Podcast Ep. 2: Pamela Jett – 3 Keys for Better Self-Talk During Emotionally Charged Situations

Communication skills expert Pamela Jett speaks on the 3 Keys for Better Self-Talk in Emotionally-Charged Situations. Pamela is a world travelling expert presenter who has presented to a wide range of companies and organizations spanning the globe. She is often sought after for her detailed expertise and great presentation style.

In this podcast, she sits down with Women’s Leadership Today to discuss the importance of positive self-talk in the workplace. What is self-talk and how can you use it to make a difference in handling emotionally challenging situations? Tune in to find out.

Key takeaways in this podcast include:

  • The importance of positive self-talk
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • How to handle crying in the workplace
  • Balancing Ego
  • How to Ensure Self-Talk is in Present Tense
  • Overcoming Cognitive Dissonance

For more information on this topic and others Pamela presents on, please visit her site at Jett Communication, Inc.

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