Podcast Ep. 4: Robyn Pollack – Succeeding As A Woman Leader: No Pantsuit Required

The future of women’s leadership means leaving the pantsuit behind. Women no longer need to act (or dress) like men to be great business leaders.  Enjoy this podcast to learn more.

About this Podcast

Robyn Pollack, Esquire, is the principal of Trellis Consulting LLC, an organization specializing in women’s leadership and development. As a lawyer, she has over 20 years of professional experience. She created the first women’s group at the Philadelphia Chapter of Turnaround Management Association (TMA). She would later become Secretary of the Board of the Philadelphia Chapter of the TMA.


In this podcast, Robyn shares the story of her personal and professional development. She tells of her first meeting at the mostly male TMA and how that created the need within her to develop a woman’s organization within the chapter.

Starting her career when she did, Robyn was at the unique intersection between the older generation of women to arrive in the workplace and the new generation coming up. She describes the older “pantsuit” world in which women found success emulating male attitudes and behaviors. And then compares that to the new generation that celebrates diversity and  the unique skills and talents women bring to the workforce.

She talks about how women need to embrace their diversity. It is that diversity that allows for greater innovation and new business development strategies. Her advice to women in today’s workforce: “Stop wearing the pantsuit to succeed.”

Being a strong leader who helps other women become leaders, Robyn emphasizes the importance of confidence. She also describes the value of women’s organizations that promote women’s leadership. She draws on her own impressive background on this to give guidance on starting a women’s leadership group. Here are the some of the key takeaways she talks about:

  • The 6 basic factors that make women’s groups successful
  • How to make the business case for a women’s leadership group
  • The first action steps necessary to put a group into place.

To hear more from Robyn Pollack, visit her site Trellis Consulting LLC.