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  • For Annual subscriptions, Women’s Leadership Today may at times offer a one-time 7-day money back annual guarantee. If you choose to subscribe to this membership, payment for your first year is due on the first day you are provided access to the site’s content. If you cancel within 7 days of the day on which you are first provided access, your payment will be refunded in full. If you do not cancel within the initial 7-day period, you will not receive a refund, prorated or otherwise, of payment already made. Unless you cancel within 10 days of the expiration of your then-current annual term, your annual subscription will automatically renew and your card will be charged for an amount equal to the cost of an additional year of access to the site. At least 30 days and not more than 60 days prior to your then-current cancellation deadline (10 days prior to the end of the then-current annual term), we will provide you with a notice that tells you that the annual subscription will automatically renew, explains how to cancel, provides your deadline to cancel, and tells you whether a rate increase accompanies renewal. You can cancel at any time by sending an email to support@progressivewomensleadership.com, or by clicking the “Cancel” button on the “Account Details” page in the Women’s Leadership Today membership area of the site. If you cancel at any time after the expiration of the initial 7-day period, you will not receive a refund, prorated or otherwise, of amounts already charged to your account. For purposes of this subparagraph, “initial 7-day period” refers to the single 7 initial days you have access to the site and not to any subsequent 7-day renewal-related period.
  • Any discounts applied to a previous subscription may not apply to a renewed subscription, including to any automatic renewals.

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