Passionate Fans

What some of our Passionate Fans are saying about our programs

“As a woman emotions are sometimes difficult to master and this gives me some tools and techniques to deal with others around me both above and below me.” – B. Harris

“I thought the ideas were important and nuanced and presented in a way which was helpful to me.” – Janet Griffin

“I really enjoyed the insights given by the “superstar tips” they were simple but powerful!  Just keep up the great job of offering more e-learning for the busy work world. Thank you!” – L. Zielsdorf

“This course brought out thoughts that I had not considered in dealing with difficult people or situations I encounter in my work.” – K. Bohachek

“This training was clear and concise with real life examples.” – E. Palazzo

“Great overview of topic; makes me hungry for more! This was just the tip of the iceberg…but thought provoking.” – S. Killinger

“I will not be taking things personally as much and do the math in my head to calm down before jumping to any decisions/comments. This was very useful information to apply in my personal life as well.” – J. Langan

What our Passionate Fans gained from our programs that will help them do their job better

“Being an assertive communicator which shows respect for both parties. I will also try to break the bad habits by using words that discount my reputation with others.” – A. Jones

“The Women’s Leadership Today program has had a remarkable impact on my management and communication styles. Their unique focus on the woman’s perspective increases the relevance of the courses to a level I have not previously encountered. In addition to teaching practical strategies and tips that I am able to implement immediately, additional suggested materials help continue my learning after a course ends. All of this has made Women’s Leadership Today one of the most valuable learning experiences since receiving my MBA. I am looking forward to continuing my leadership education with them.” – K. Goldbach

“I gained so many valuable tips that will help me do my job better. In the live presentation I learned how to be an assertive communicator by using the right words, putting the subject line first and not feeling guilty when saying ‘no.’ There were so many excellent tips that I can implement to be a more effective, confident communicator. In the materials, I learned how to structure thought processes and use a 9 step approach to provide a crisp and clear core idea so that all stakeholders buy in at the end.” – B. Pasceri

“The live presentation was great! It gave me skills to be a stronger communicator and how to say ‘no.’ What also resonated with me was one of the first presentations when we had to sort the words into two categories. It made me realize that I may have one, and am thinking a specific way, but my staff may not be thinking the same way that I am. Very interesting.” – W. Adler

“Establishing a personal mission statement is a new concept that I believe will keep me constantly thinking on how to improve. There were so many helpful tips within this course that I have already implemented and am already seeing results. I am extremely pleased with this course.” – J. Rios