The 3 P’s of Grit: Passion, Perseverance, and Progress

Grit is defined as perseverance, passion, and stamina in the pursuit of long-term goals. More than just working hard, grit enables women to harness inner drive and determination to overcome obstacles on the path to success, both personally and professionally. There are 3 important parts of grit you must understand to be able to work towards becoming an all-around grittier human being: passion, perseverance, and progress.


Passion gives meaning and excitement to your work and life. When you feel energetic and enthused about your goals, you are more willing to put in consistent effort. Passion also buffers against discouragement when you encounter setbacks. Loving what you do makes the journey more enjoyable even when the road gets rocky.

Tapping into your passion involves getting clear on your core motivations and values: What is your vision for the future? How does that vision align with who you are and what matters most to you? What goals are you working towards to more closely align with that vision?

Connecting your daily actions to a greater purpose gives passion the space to bloom. Seek out work and activities that you feel genuinely excited about, not just what you think you “should” do. Let your curiosity guide you toward opportunities to learn and grow. When passion is present, hardship becomes worthwhile because you believe in the meaning behind your work.


Perseverance means showing up with relentless consistency, day after day. It’s sweating through the mundane tasks and continuing to put one foot in front of the other until you arrive at your destination. More than just stubbornness, perseverance is flexibility grounded in purpose.

Life will throw obstacles and doubts in your path. Plans go awry, mistakes happen, motivation wanes. Yet those with perseverance understand that some level of struggle is inevitable. When faced with adversity they reflect, adjust, and keep going. Having an unshakable belief in their abilities allows women to override self-doubt and criticism.

Perseverance stems from believing in the validity of your purpose and goals. Break intimidating aims down into bite-sized daily actions. Small wins build momentum, competence, and confidence to tackle larger challenges. Perseverance means celebrating tiny improvements while maintaining an unwavering commitment to your long-term vision.


Finally, grit enables measurable progress over time. While passion energizes you and perseverance provides consistency, progress is about evidence that you are moving closer to your goals. Progress is not always linear; there are natural ebbs and flows. But overall, the goal is forward-directional movement.

To gauge progress, clearly define what success looks like to you. Set realistic process-oriented goals that align with your vision and break them down into quantifiable metrics. These will serve as signposts along the journey to affirm that your perseverance is paying off.

Equally important is tracking qualitative progress through intentional self-reflection. In what ways have you grown as a person? How has overcoming difficulties expanded your skills and self-knowledge? Progress encompasses evolution both on the outside and inside.

While setbacks are inevitable, stay focused on growth over perfection. Progress over punishment. Understanding that some struggle indicates you are expanding beyond your comfort zone. Use obstacles as data points rather than reasons to quit. Adjust course as needed while maintaining belief in your abilities to learn and improve.

The Power of Grit

Cultivating grit empowers us to accomplish impressive feats. Grit grows from acting on purpose, persevering through doubts, and tracking progress. Passion gives you meaning, perseverance gives you traction, and progress gives you evidence you’re moving closer to your aims.

There will always be reasons to doubt yourself or give up too soon. Grit refuses those lies. By fully committing to their purpose with flexible perseverance, gritty women demonstrate incredible strength and resilience. When passion is present, perseverance persistent, and progress witnessed, there is no limit to what women can achieve.

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