Time-suckers: Here’s what’s guilty of eating up your (and your team’s) time today

We’re guessing you already knew tech is a big distraction in the workplace. But what exactly causes the most distractions? Is it truly email, like most people believe? CareerBuilder recently did a survey to find out. 

And, like us, seeing it broken down means you know exactly where to watch with your team (and maybe even where to keep yourself in check).

So what’s the biggest offender when it comes to productivity-killers?

  1. Cell phone/texting (55%)

Coming in as the No. 1 time-sucker are cell phones and texting, with 55% of people pointing the finger at this distraction. Take a look around your desk – is your phone within eye contact? You aren’t alone. Over 82% of people keep their phone within their vision throughout the entire workday, according to a CareerBuilder study.


Before you think, Well I can see it but I don’t always use it, check out this statistic: Only 10% of people say their smartphone is decreasing their productivity, but 66% admit to checking their phone several times a day.

And though you may tell yourself your team is using their phone for work, odds are, they aren’t – 65% of workers don’t even have work email on their smartphones. So the chances of them using their phone for work purposes are slim.

  1. The Internet (41%)

Ah, the Internet. Sure it’s good for helping you do research …. it’s also great for browsing Facebook or your favorite website.

A whopping 41% of people lose precious productivity hours from it. Who can blame them? After all, most of us spend a majority of our days at our desks.

  1. Email (26%)

While you may have thought email was the top distractor, turns out it’s lower on the list.

However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a master of stealing your attention. The average worker spends nearly 30% of his or her day dedicated to email alone.

  1. Meetings (24%)

We know meetings aren’t related to technology – well, directly related. The same technologies that distract your worker’s at their desks – their phones, their computers, their emails – are now a part of everyday meetings. The new “must-haves” of every meeting seem to be: coffee/water, a pen, and a cell phone or laptop.

Whether you’re presenting or attending, constant pop-ups on your phone or laptop steal attention away from the presentation.

      Armed with the right info (100%)

Now that you know exactly what’s causing distractions in your office, you’ll be able to take preventative steps to bring it to a halt. Not only will it help keep everyone on track, but it’s another great opportunity to enhance your leadership skills.