Lollipop Moments: How to Make Leadership an Everyday Act

People define “leadership” in a variety of different ways. But they all agree – leadership is ability to inspire others. Whether done consciously (these are the people more universally identified as “leaders”) or subconsciously, we all have the ability to inspire.

Drew Dudley’s Everyday Leadership TEDx Toronto 2010 talk sums up those “subconscious leaders” in an inspiring and engaging way. He calls it a “Lollipop Moment” which he illustrates by sharing a story from college where he inadvertently introduced two students in line at freshman orientation using a lollipop who later married after college. About four years after this initial event he learned that he was the catalyst for their first encounter, yet he has no memory of it.

Each of us influences (leads) people every day. Our actions impact (lead) people whether we are conscious of it or not. Those actions affect the people around us. Who can deny this? Leaders are not just the people who run countries or companies – they are everyday people.

Think about what you do at work, at home and in your community to inspire others (both consciously and subconsciously). Tell us about the “Lollipop Moments” that have occurred in your life, whether they be moments you created, acknowledged, paid it forward or thanked someone for.