Worked for Her: We found a new way to expand our sexual harassment training

Imagine you had a network of women leaders all across the country that you could tap anytime you wanted to find out what’s working for them. With our exclusive feature, Worked for Her, you do. In our most recent installment, Diana Holmes, HR manager at MTE Communications in Midvale, ID, shares how she boosted her company’s sexual harassment training at this critical time. in the workplace.

With sexual harassment in the news every day, it spurred us to do even more to create a great work environment. 

We wanted to continue to have a safe environment for our employees and also do everything we could to protect against legal liability.

Our company had a sexual harassment policy, and employees were required to understand it and sign off on it.

We had it reviewed by our legal counsel, and they said it was good.

Still, we wanted to do better.

Since such a big conversation was going on about workplace harassment, we knew expanded training requirements were not only possible, but also likely inevitable.

So we took the initiative to revamp our sexual harassment training.

Getting everyone certified

I looked through our options and discovered an online harassment training program was available through our insurance provider.

This interactive training was 45 minutes long and concluded with a test. Those who passed it received certification. For our supervisors, the training was twice as long.

We had all of our staff get certified immediately, and they’ll be required to retake the training annually.

We’ll continue to look for ways to stay on top of harassment issues.

(Diana Holmes, HR Manager, MTE Communications, Midvale, ID)