I’m Sorry, But Women Should Just Speak Like the Leaders They Are

[Image from Pixabay]
“I just wanted to check in …”

“I think this is…”

“I’m no expert, but…”

“I’m sorry, but would you mind…”

How many of these phrases have you caught yourself saying? It’s okay to admit, we all do it – men and women of all ages, but women are often guilty of this subtle self-sabotage more often.

So how can you break the habit and start speaking like the leader you want to be? Like any bad habit – it’s tough! However, it is doable and well worth it. Now Tami Reiss, CEO of Cyrus Innovation, is making it her New Year’s resolution for 2016 and is doing so in a way that will help other women succeed as well.

Reiss’s company developed a Chrome browser extension, ‘Just Not Sorry,’ that helps to identify questionable words or phrases in your emails. The words in question will be recognized and then by scrolling over them you will gain more insight into the negative connotations of these all-too common phrases.

More times than not these words or expressions are used habitually, it’s almost as if they have been ingrained in our vocabulary subconsciously. Out of context these words seem so small and harmless, but they can dramatically change the tone of your correspondence professionally and personally.

Even without the app, you can reduce these phrases by being aware. Re-read your emails or memos before sending them specifically scanning for unnecessary qualifiers, apologies or anything else that may be subtly self-demeaning. Think about what you are going to say before speaking out loud. Remember, practice makes perfect.