Podcast Ep. 3: Pernille Spiers-Lopez – Leadership Skills Learned at IKEA

Pernille Spiers-Lopez

As an international business leader with over twenty years’ executive experience, Pernille Spiers-Lopez has found the unique balance between business development and personal growth. Pernille is the former CEO of IKEA North America and before that she served as the global Chief HR Officer. Pernille left IKEA in 2011 and is currently a corporate and non-profit director.

Pernille Spiers-LopezLong before reaching the top of the IKEA ladder though, Pernille was an ambitious young entrepreneur who came to America at 23 years old to start her own business. Her failure at that business and life starting out at IKEA would shape the strength of character and resiliency that led her to the top. In this podcast, Pernille shares the stories of her successes and failures and how she shaped a family-oriented culture of professional development.

Discover her unique stories, filled with great tips on success, and come away with lessons about these topics:

  • How to start and finish the work-life conversation
  • Reframe the stories we tell ourselves to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts
  • Differences between coaching and mentoring: mentorship made easy.

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